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Sunflower Development Group is an accomplished real estate developer committed to preserving our communities' history while planning for their future. Where others see blight or neglect, we see opportunity to improve lives and create community. Sometimes you can't do it all yourself. We're happy to lend our expertise in real estate development and tax crediting to your unique project.

read more › Sunflower Development Group transforms overlooked areas into thriving places of community and commerce. Our team of consultants and developers work closely with our clients to plan and build iconic spaces that blend past, present and future. After planting strong roots in Kansas City, Sunflower Development Group has grown and solidified our reputation as one the nation's leading historical real estate developers. In communities across the country, we're proud to see our work drive change and bring people together.

read more › Trusting your next project with Sunflower Development Group will ensure it's built alongside an expert team committed to your vision and eager to share it with others. Our real estate development team works across commercial and residential projects to solve real needs in our communities. From affordable housing to hospitality to entertainment, we're driving new opportunities and revitalizing the surrounding area with every project we touch. Big ideas often require even bigger budgets. We pursue public/private partnerships to bring even the most complex historic renovation projects to life.

read more › Don't tear down what you could build up. Look through the dirt and decay of many abandoned historic properties and you'll see a strong foundation for your next project. Adaptive reuse and historic restoration projects work within a building's existing footprint to equip it for a brand new purpose. Our team finds opportunity in the run down, worn out buildings you see every day. We look at old schools and see affordable apartments. We see a bustling entertainment district through an old industrial building.

read more › Communities are built by those who call it home. Sunflower Development Group specializes in residential projects that attract new life and engage neighborhoods. Paired with a thriving commercial scene, these projects kickstart development in under-served areas and shape their growth for generations. Our properties blend historic charm with modern amenities. We draw on our extensive experience in adaptive reuse to transform neglected buildings into one-of-a-kind living spaces. We plan from the outside in: considering how a building will influence its surroundings as much as its residents.

read more › A community thrives on commerce. When people spend money in the places they live and work, that money finds a way back to them through taxes, new developments and so much more. From entertainment venues to restaurants to shopping centers to office parks, commercial real estate development projects generate real results for owners and ongoing value for residents. Our commercial real estate professionals work with properties through their entire life cycle: from acquisition to construction to management.

read more › The tax credit consultants at Sunflower Development Group seek every available opportunity to procure tax credits that make real estate projects more feasible and profitable for developers. Tax credits are critical to get any major real estate project off the ground, but finding and procuring them often buries developers under red tape. Sunflower Development Group's tax credit consultants cut through the clutter and deliver better deals and peace of mind for our clients. Through time and energy, historic places are reborn in our communities.

read more › The Historic Tax Credit (HTC) program is a federal program dedicated to preserving local landmarks and rehabbing them into modern places to live, work and play. Former schools, hotels, warehouses--all prime spots for your next commercial or residential development. Historic buildings are often a few steps below what you'd call a fixer upper. They take time and money to restore them the right way. Every day and every dollar counts. That's why our team pursues every available Historic Tax Credit to stretch your dollars further. Our team of tax credits experts have raised more than $50 million in Historic Tax Credits for projects across the country.

read more › Affordable housing tax credits are the federal government's incentives for developing affordable housing across the country. The credits are managed by individual states and awarded to developers whose rental communities attract lower-income families. Affordable housing doesn't mean low cost. In most cases, affordable housing projects simply aren't feasible without tax credits. That creates an infinitely competitive market for a finite number of credits. Sunflower Development Group's tax credit consultants work closely with you to build a case with your state that delivers financing and gets you building.

read more › Sunflower Development Group has delivered more than $115 million in NMTC allocation to clients shaping their communities across the country since 2015. We listen to our project sponsors, understand their goals and work with their financial partners to maximize the impacts they make. We have over 15 years experience in utilizing the program and have been involved in all aspects of the NMTC process. We work to structure each deal to maximize the amount of NMTCs, provide proforma development, marketing, investor and NMTC securitization.

read more › Don't leave money on the table. From federal to state to local, there are countless types of tax credits and incentives available for your next real estate development. Trust our tax credit consultants to evaluate your project and pursue every available option for a reduced development cost. Block22 is a mixed-use, living and learning community located in the heart Pittsburg, Kansas. Featuring Pittsburg State University student housing as well as commercial, dining and entertainment spaces, Block22 is a trendy district blurring the lines between community and university.

read more › After more than a decade of transforming spaces and rebuilding communities, we've experienced nearly every type of real estate development. We're happy to lend our expertise to developers across the country seeking guidance on their next historic rehabilitation or new market development. Contact our real estate consultants to learn more about how the Sunflower Development Group team will get your project moving. Let us sweat the details. Sunflower's real estate consultant team will represent your building's best interests in all legal, financial and regulatory affairs.

read more › Ask any building owner: no one wants to go it alone. Behind every real estate development is a maze of legal, financial and regulatory hurdles that must be jumped before even breaking ground. That's why it pays to have a real estate consultant on your side. Sunflower Development Group offers owner's representation services that put your project's most complex details in our expert hands. We'll work closely with construction teams, architects, designers and financiers to ensure the project stays on track, on budget and on par with your expectations.

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