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REAL-ED is fully commited to training you so that you can do your job successfully and properly. The training is done by Dedicated and Professional Instructors who are NYC and NYS Licensed and Guidance Counselors. Re-teach you how to take multiple choice tests. The only school that goes over your exam with you the same day to make sure that you will pass your state test.

Teach the students how to evaluate their clients and customers needs within 20 minutes using their own unique tools. The first school that has a Networking Party every 2-3 months offering the opportunity to meet brokers' who are ready to hire a salesperson. The only school that teaches the students how to do their own record keeping. IRS Code 3508 (a) and (b) states that as an Independent Contractor you are considered as having your own small business and can make deductions as such.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you understand the lucrative world of Real Estate.

read more › New York State mandates that licensed salespersons and brokers complete 22 1/2 hours of continuing education courses every 2 years. The IVY Real Estate Education (REAL-ED) continuing education courses are designed to enhance and broaden the skills of the licensed real estate professional. You are required to do 6 modules which are 3 to 4 hours each. The modules offered ongoingly (Monday through Saturday) to fit into your busy schedule. DOS requires that Fair Housing and Law of Agency be 2 of the 6 modules.

read more › IVY Real Estate Education is offering an opportunity for you to gain knowledge of how to use technology to increase your success as a real estate agent. Our new course "Computer Applications for Realtors" is designed to aid the Real Estate Agent. Whether you are a novice or proficient in computing, you will get a clear understanding on how to utilize the computer to benefit you in your career. Create your own website or put your listings on sites like yahoo and craigslist with photos you have taken.

read more › In New York State, to sell, lease or rent someone else's real property for a fee or commission, a license as either a Real Estate Salesperson or a Real Estate Broker is required. A Salesperson may work only under the supervision of a Broker. Anyone wishing to become a licensed Broker must begin as a Salesperson (except a person has at least two years of prior active real estate experience). To become a licensed Salesperson you must take a 75 hour Salesperson licensing qualifying course. The Ivy Real Estate Education (REAL-ED) licensing course is fully approved by the Department of State.

read more › In New York State, to qualify to become a broker, you are required to have been a real estate salesperson for 1750 hours over at least one year (or have 3500 hours equivalent experience over at least two years); and have earned 1750 experience points as a salesperson or 3500 points through equivalent experience. New York State test is scheduled fonthly. The Broker's Course may be taken before all the required hours and experience has been accumulated. The IVY Real Estate Education (REAL-ED) broker's licensing course is fully approved by the Department of State.

read more › Banks and even some nursing homes and hospitals have Notary Publics on call. You can work at home, rent office space in someone else's office, or work for a company, such as a finance firm, bank, or any other business office that will rent you desk and phone space. You can advertise online. You can combine a Notary career with an office administration career or legal assistant's duties. A Notary Public protects his or her employer's business and is trained to detect fraud. You can even combine being a Notary Public with another occupation from handwriting analysis to real estate sales, financial planning, or insurance claims.

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