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Urban Standard Capital is a real estate lender, developer, and investment firm in New York City. We pride ourselves on our transparency in financing deals and quick closings. From the ground up, Urban Standard develops for-sale condominiums with an emphasis on modern design while also respecting the city's rich architectural history. With our real estate acquisition fund, we buy properties in both established and transitioning areas that show potential for repositioning and neighborhood growth.

With our committed capital, we fund construction loans, acquisitions loans, and mezzanine loans quickly and with certainty. We can help you capitalize on opportunities and close within days, not weeks. New York-based alternative lender Urban Standard Capital has fueled its recent expansion into South Florida with a $20 million acquisition loan on a small, vacant plot of land within the wealthy enclave of Everglades Island in Palm Beach, Florida.

As the founder and president of Urban Standard Capital, a fully integrated real estate private equity firm, Seth Weissman seeks out real estate developers and projects that are special and helps them succeed.

read more › Less red tape, more green lights. Where traditional lenders may limit refinancing and take months to close, we offer short-term lending with committed, discretionary capital-and with Urban Standard's own private equity fund, we can execute deals quickly. Partnering with us can help you can seize opportunity and close within days, not weeks. We're experts at finding diamonds in the rough: properties in both established and transitioning neighborhoods that show potential for repositioning. Post-acquisition, our team polishes the property until it shines like new, creating value for tenants and boosting returns for investors.

read more › Whether it's a construction loan, bridge finance, or a ground up development, our projects speak to the personality and history of the city's neighborhoods while incorporating modern design elements. Whether our own development or working with a borrower, we strive to add value to our projects with our creative flair.

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