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My name is Richard Burdette and I am the Founder of Wholesale Home Sales, LLC and our websites: www. I have been buying and selling Real Estate since 2006. I am a full-time Wholesaler, Landlord, Rehabber, and Licensed Real Estate Agent. I have successfully wholesaled over 800 South Florida Investment Properties to people just like you. That equates to an incredible 50 Million dollars of property sold and growing!.

I am an expert and recognized industry leader that specializes in locating, controlling, and selling wholesale properties to cash buyers. I work directly with investors, making acquisitions by providing you wholesale properties that you can purchase today!. I have been transforming this company to adapt to the current market trends in order to provide buyers, like you, a consistent flow of properly priced wholesale properties and the off market deals that you've been hunting for!

read more › Investing in Real Estate at today's prices is one of the safest and most tried and true ways to build wealth and financial freedom for you and your family. Wholesale Home Sales, LLC is dedicated to helping you achieve your investment and lifestyle goals through the acquisition of quality investment properties. We believe Real Estate investing is the medium by which anyone can become a millionaire or financially independent. We know from experience how challenging life can be and how hard it can be to get ahead in the world of investing.

read more › The design allows you to quickly search, filter, and narrow down our inventory, to the exact properties you are looking for!. This is possible because our list is broken down by Region, County, Property Type, Price, and More!. No More Wasting Valuable Time Looking Through Long Emails and Lists Just to Find the Deals You Want.

read more › Go on and sign up by punching in your email and cell phone number. Once you have signed up, beginning on Monday mornings and at least 2 additional days per week, we will Email and Text you all of the newest Wholesale Properties for sale in South Florida. Once you take a look at what we have for sale, if something stands out to you or gets you motivated to where you want to buy it now, then good! That means we are doing our job! On every advertisement, there is a phone number you can call or text message that will connect you to myself, the Company Founder and Manager.

read more › Even if you make an offer to the realtor, the seller has no legal right to sell you the property anymore. Please, don't call the realtor and try to go around us! Don't call the realtor and interfere in my deal and be like "this guy is advertising it for sale, trying to flip it." Please have manners. The point is, they can not sell it to you anymore. So don't bother them and in turn create problems for me and my deal. I will sell you the property if you want to buy it. Just Ask! It's what I do. Thanks for your cooperation!

read more › The Flow of Information in a timely, efficient, and personally catered manor can offer buyers like you unparalleled competitive advantages, as well as time and cost savings benefits. By Joining the Cash Buyers List, you are becoming the member of an exclusive investment club where membership affords you the opportunity to receive my special off market wholesale investment property by email and text. Besides this, and our incredible connections and years of experience selling hundreds of deals, we now use a proprietary software program that I personally designed which searches our inventory and matches you to the exact deals you are looking for.

read more › I've purchased multiple properties from Wholesale Home Sales, LLC, and its a pleasure to work with, very professional and always available, highly recommended. I contacted Rich after being referred by a friend who was getting his emails promoting wholesale homes. I gave him my criteria and Rich texted me several times with deals that met my criteria. We lost the first couple deals but he told me I will get you a deal soon. He did what he said he would do, contacted me in early January with a new deal.

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