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Once you accept your custom offer, we close FAST and put CASH in your hands, relieving you of your unwanted property! The crew at Property Buyers Pittsburgh were extremely professional and helped educate me on their home buying process from beginning to end. I absolutely loved working with them and would highly recommend anyone looking to sell their home without a Realtor reach out.

read more › Dana Washington - a native of Pittsburgh, PA and the founder of Property Buyers Pittsburgh - has found his passion in helping empower local communities through teaching financial literacy. With over 20 years of experience in real estate development, Dana's success has enabled him to guide the company's local and international acquisition and global expansion initiatives. Dana Washington is a native of Pittsburgh, PA who has found a passion in helping empower disenfranchised communities through the teaching of financial literacy.

read more › At Property Buyers Pittsburgh we can help you sell your home fast or dispose of a commercial property quickly. Property Buyers Pittsburgh can help you by buying your unwanted property and avoiding the challenges associated with traditional realtors. You don't have to worry about whether we handle your type of property or its condition because we will consider any property for purchase. We simplify the sales process and make it easier for you to move on to more important things in life. Regardless of your circumstances, we can buy your house and give you a fair offer.

read more › The region served by Property Buyers Pittsburgh includes any area of Allegheny County and the city of Pittsburgh. We will consider purchasing any commercial or residential properties in these areas. We work with owners who need to sell their properties whether they "need work" or are "move-in" condition. Offers creative purchasing solutions that provide you financial options when you need them most.

read more › If you are looking to invest in the growing Pittsburgh real estate market, contact us today and learn how you can make a solid return on your investment. Enjoy the return on investment from a housing market that didn't endure the market extremes which characterized other metropolitan areas. Watch the steady, positive growth of a strong real estate market in an American City hailed as a great place to live, work, visit, raise a family, and more!. We purchase properties with investment potential and resell them to real estate investors.

read more › We don't charge any fees to when we purchase your property. We purchase your home at a price that takes into consideration both the value of the house and any work that needs to be done. Yes, we do. Whether you call it handyman dreams or fixer-uppers we will purchase a home or business in any condition. We also purchase properties in excellent condition for clients who need to sell a house quickly due to family, business, or financial necessity. Our process is very simple, we look at the following things to determine a fair price for your house.

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