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Revest Investments We will contact you to discuss all the details and set up an appointment to meet with you at the property for evaluation. When we meet, We will discuss your situation and what you would like to receive for the Property. After we View and Evaluate the Property, You will Receive Our "Highest and Best" Cash Offer. We buy homes while saving your valuable money with our 'best cash-out-your-property' deals.

We entertain customers that have a wide range of reasons for selling their property, and our mission includes but isn't limited to simplifying the sale process and help our clients relocate with fast cash. We offer the highest and best cash offers of houses across TX.

If you're looking to find the best reliable home buyers, we are a top-notch real estate investment firm that can save you from the cost and hassle of dealing with redecorating, repairing, or even cleaning your property after damage caused by burns or flooding.We buy properties as-is, regardless of the ugly situation you might be stuck in, such as a divorce, foreclosure, probate, retirement, downsizing, or if you find yourself behind on payments and taxes.

read more › RE-liability is the cornerstone of our company. We do not promise anything that we cannot deliver. We are Texas Licensed Real Estate Professionals and We are Held to Standards and Ethics that protect you as a Property / Home Owner that Needs To Sell. We are here to help Property/ Home Owners Realize the Life that is in reach when they Cash Out on a Property They Need or Want to Sell. Michael A. Jackson has been a real estate professional for 18 years as an Investor / Realtor. Mr. Jackson has been Licensed in the State of Texas since 2006 specializing in Residential / Commercial real estate Investments.

read more › Whether you need to sell an inherited house, or you're facing foreclosure, downsizing, divorce, flooded or burned property, or are behind on taxes or payments; regardless of the reasons that are making you want to sell your house, our experts can help homeowners sell your assets fast. At RE-vest, our mission is to invest in you and make you realize the life that is in reach once you cash out on a property that has become a liability for you. We buy, remodel and then rent or sell. If your property is damaged or worn out, restoring our house will take a lot of time and money.

read more › Request a No Obligation, Fair Cash Offer for your House If You Are Facing Foreclosure From. Are you a homeowner currently facing foreclosure on your property in Texas? Then you may need someone to buy your home directly for a quick and fair cash offer. You may be denied the opportunity to negotiate with your lender if you attempt to approach them alone. Also, hiring an attorney may not be better off, or it may cost you a lot of money. Now, the big question is how can you avoid foreclosure? We are here to Help and We are ready to buy your house and close on the transaction on a Date of your Choosing.

read more › Many owners who contact us have a common issue. They are behind on their mortgage payments and or Taxes. Either could lead to a Financial and Emotion Lost, But the Good News is You are ahead what may come. We are a group of professionals that consist Investors, Agents, Title Company and Attorney. We will be for you through every step of the process.

read more › Retirement is part of the American Dream. The New Adventures and Experiences ahead may take more cash than you have saved. The best way to the cash you need is to liquidate your Real Estate. Call Us when you are ready. We will give you a Fair Cash offer, We will Handle all the paperwork and If you are Traveling or Simply Want to Relax, We provide a Mobile closing to the location of your choosing. Sometimes the large family house becomes a bit overwhelming and children move out much sooner these days.

read more › Sometimes The Grass Seems Greener on the Other Side and As we all know the other Green (Cash) can always help with that step. A divorce is not only emotional, but financial as well. When you file a divorce, the problem arises of how to deal with the assets that you and your spouse share? You can Trust us when it comes to this specific Situation. Call us Today to Discuss the details and we can structure our offer so that it is comfortable for both of you.

read more › Recently we have experienced a number of floods in Houston, TX, and surrounding areas. This has caused many homeowners to sell due to the overwhelming responsibility that may come with restoring a home after it has been damaged. At RE-vest, you can request a cash offer for a flooded house and a cash offer for burned house, and rest assured you can consider it as "water under the bridge". Since Hurricane Harvey, we have been helping homeowners in TX in times of need. No repairs needed. Contact us today!

read more › It's a fact that Houston has an indescribable charm that entices real estate investors from all over Texas. It's a beautiful metropolis located in the southeast of Texas, perfect for raising a family. Houston comes with a fascinating history, making it one of the most sought-after residential and commercial real estate investment locations. If you're looking to sell a house fast in Houston, Re-Vest Investment has got you covered. Real Estate Investment Realtors in Houston by Re-Vest Investment Can Help You Secure the Best and Highest Cash Offers on Residential and Commercial Real Estate.

read more › Katy is located thirty miles west of the bustling metropolis of Houston. As a small town doused in a rich heritage, Katy promises increased developments due to many residential and commercial properties being built and renovated. As Houston continues to expand, the value and demand of residential and commercial real estate in Katy will increase rapidly. When you want to sell a house fast in Katy, Re-Vest Investment has got you covered. Real Estate Investment Realtors in Katy by Re-Vest Investment Can Help You Secure the Best and Highest Cash Offers For Residential and Commercial Real Estate.

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