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Sun Pacific Mortgage is a family owned business in Sonoma County that my wife and I started way back in 1988. Right from day one, our aim was to help real estate home owners and buyers, by offering alternative financing for those who had been turned down elsewhere. Our Hard Money loans soon came to the rescue with mortgages funded by private individuals.

Not only did these loans make mortgages easier - thanks to fewer qualifications - they made them a lot faster too! We frequently deliver funding in under 5 days and our personal best is 48 hours. Now into our third decade as licensed Realtors, Lenders and Hard Money Brokers, Sun Pacific Mortgage has become a leading expert in Hard Money loans and we have never run out of money to lend!

Repeat customers, referred customers, realtors, lenders and brokers, we are privileged to have clients who have been placing their trust in us for the past 30 years and more. It's a trust we could never buy. It is a trust you can count on. If the other lending institutions have turned you down for a real estate loan, give us a call.

read more › Only company offering Alt-A Hard Money loans for those just shy of qualifying for a conventional or bank loan. Lower rates at 6%-8%. FAST alternative financing loans (bad or poor credit, difficult-to-prove income, need fast cash, property a fixer, etc. - no problem for our Hard Money loans!). Regularly providing available Deeds of Trusts for Private Investors' high-return investments. We are a family owned and operated, local Sonoma County business. We started in January of 1988 and primarily serviced Northern California but since 2010 are widely serving the state of California with our alternative financing, also known as hard money and private money loans.

read more › We are looking for more Investors. If you or anyone you know is interested in real estate investing, please call us at (707) 523-2099. Becoming a Private Investor with us can produce high yield on your investments. We regularly have available Trust Deed Offerings and email these to our Investors throughout the week. With real estate investing, your investment is secured. By lending money to individuals, you secure this loan as a mortgage against their real estate. This of course is all done through an Escrow company, we never touch your money.

read more › We are always looking for qualified investors who are interested in high returns on their money through investment in California Trust Deeds. As of 2020, we have financed over 10,000 individual loans, averaging 30+ newly available deeds of trusts per month. Family owned and operated, we are licensed Private Money Brokers, Realtors and Loan Originators through CA Department of Real Estate (DRE) and the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). Being in business for over 3 decades has given us multitudes of past borrowers as well as referring Realtors, conventional Brokers and Lenders.

read more › Since opening our doors in 1988, we have always found it best to work closely with each private investor and keep them informed of our exact process, what we expect from them and provide timely information about specific loan programs and any regulation changes. Below are topics you may want to find out more about, if you are an existing Investor with us or you are new and would like to start investing in our Trust Deed Offerings. Or you can call our office at 707-523-2099 with any questions you may have.

read more › We know Brokers and Lenders always want to help, but we also know that traditional underwriting is not always the best fit. We get hundreds of loans brokered or referred to us by mortgage professionals who had to tell the borrower "no". Most need fast action and approval because they are running out of time. Well, below are the programs to meet these needs, with us moving funds faster and saying "yes!" more often, while paying commissions to licensed Brokers and Originators in the process! Despite poor credit, self-employment, difficult-to-prove income, property condition, etc., your borrowers can qualify for our honest private money financing on primary residences and investment properties alike, single and multiple units.

read more › Our programs can be used to write purchase offers with a 10-day close! Today, home buyers need stronger offers and home sellers need more options. We are here to provide you with the private money loans your clients are seeking so everyone comes out a winner, with many Borrower/Home Buyer transactions financed in less than a week! Contact us now. Despite poor credit, self-employment, difficult-to-prove income, property condition, etc., your home owners and home buyers can qualify for our private money financing on primary residences and investment properties alike, single and multiple units.

read more › When loans need to close quickly or when you cannot get Underwriter approval for a loan, hard money can be beneficial. Let's review how these loans work, for you and your borrower's benefit. If a client has negative items on their credit reports, or an income that is difficult to verify or the property condition is poor, then the loan approval process can take too long for your borrower or they may not ever get approved due to these circumstances. This is where Hard Money comes into play. Hard money is a way to obtain a real estate loan with financing provided by private individuals, known as Investors.

read more › And if you are, or know a borrower with a profile just short of "A" quality, check out our Alt-A Loans. Ever since lending institutions tightened their loan requirements, frustrated Brokers, Realtors and their Buyers and Investors have been seeking a viable and reliable source for real property buying and investing. Getting approved with a traditional or conventional lender not only requires extensive evidence of credit standing, income verification, good debt-to-income ratio and a lot of paperwork, it can also be painfully slow, even with great credit scores and solid income.

read more › We have been providing hard money loans since 1988 and have not yet run out of private money to offer. If you searched "Hard Money Lenders Near Me" and found us, we look forward to helping with our home loan programs. We have hundreds of private money lenders for residential real estate anywhere in California, and offer the alternative financing you are looking for! Most Borrowers and Agents who call us need quick action and approval - because they are running out of time. We understand Brokers and Lenders want to help, but traditional underwriting is not always the best fit.

read more › Due to the demand from both borrower and investor, we offer this unique Alt-A Hard Money Program, in addition to our traditional hard money programs. We have many investors who are interested in these types of loans. For borrowers who are just shy of qualifying for "A" paper, you can quickly get approved for this lower-rate Alt-A Hard Money program. Turned down by her bank at last minute. Single Family Residence in Kentfield (Marin County), just needed short-term financing to complete renovations to then sell the house.

read more › The former stigma associated with hard money lenders/lending has thankfully disappeared. Gone are the predatory lenders attempting to "loan-to-own". They have been replaced with reputable companies like Sun Pacific Mortgage ready to offer a valuable service to potential borrowers and investors who cannot qualify for a conventional loan. Sun Pacific Mortgage has been in business in California since 1988 with many satisfied, repeat clients, referring brokers & agents and loyal investors. A hard money loan is simply a short-term loan secured by real estate and funded by a private investor rather than a financial institution.

read more › Hard Money loans are loans funded by private individuals instead of a bank. The qualifications required to get a Hard Money loan are much simpler and depend more on your ability to repay the loan, than your credit history. They are basically considered all cash, are extra strong and can be used to purchase or refinance fixer properties, bad credit borrowers, irregular income borrowers, large cash-out borrower, someone needing fast cash, short term Bridge loans, etc. Hard money rates in general average 10-12%.

read more › Take advantage of our Frightfully Fast Private Money loans this Halloween: Get your loan financed faster! Our fastest funding in just 2 days! Financing for Owner Occupied and Non-Owner Occupied Properties Difficult to prove income - Not a problem Credit issues - Not a problem Send us your scenarios or questions and we'll quickly let. No need to be scared - we offer FAST financing! Let us help with your refinance or purchase. We Are Direct Private Money Lenders: Our Programs can finance Borrowers who have: 10 Day Close on a Purchase Owner Occupied Property Difficult to prove income Credit problems Problem properties Recently Funded Give us a call at.

read more › Before deciding on this choice, here's a few things to keep in mind: There is a shortage of homes right now. In a "normal" market there would be a 6-month. What are the tax benefits of owning a home? Plenty of California homeowners are asking themselves this question right about now as they prepare to file their taxes. Let's look at some of them: Mortgage interest: This deduction is itemized, so for this to work in your favor, all your itemized deductions need to. Looking at all the homes and condos for sale in the northern California counties of Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma Counties at the end of February, there were just 1,431 on the market.

read more › There has been incredible movement upward in the real estate world of Sonoma County this past year. To realize just how robust the market was this year, we have only to examine the increased price per square foot in each city or region. A quick recap follows: Sonoma County: Ave. The financial benefits of buying a home will always be debatable, but one element is non-refutable-the ability to build wealth. These past couple of years have only confirmed this belief with appreciation recorded at unheard of rates.

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