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When you're ready to sell a home, you'll need a trusted partner & a fierce negotiator. Working with Thomas allows you to maximize the return on your real estate investment and minimize stress at the same time. A luxury home purchase is one of the largest, most exciting moments of your life! Work with Thomas to leverage 30+ years of real estate experience, guiding you through the process, protecting your interests, and ensuring you get the beautiful home you've always wanted.

Clients that worked with Thomas to buy and sell luxury homes in Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, and beyond build a strong trust. They know he is their strongest advocate, and recognize his knowledge of the area's most gorgeous homes. Learn what it's like to work with Thomas! The Luxury Home of Your Dreams is Just a Call Away! Schedule an Appointment Now (602) 405-4052.

Rather than using a cookie-cutter approach to real estate, Thomas Osterman treats every client as an individual - and each sale as the unique transaction and interaction it is.

read more › I cold called Thomas off Zillow based on his good reviews and his actual performance lived up to expectations. It's important to note that my transaction was complicated by numerous factors, not the least of which was the fact that I live overseas. At times I was ready to give up, but Thomas kept going and every problem which came up he had a solution for. He earned every penny and more. In the end, I got the house I wanted at a fair price and it came through due to Thomas' tenacity. Overall Thomas gave a five star performance.

read more › I will happily educate you on what it will take to ensure you receive the outcome you desire. I look forward to connecting with you soon. I was recently represented by Thomas Osterman in the purchase of my new home. His efforts were tireless and I was amazed at his tenacity in pursuing the home I wanted. Thomas clearly had my best interest in mind and provided me with critical information, enabling me to make informed decisions. He was extremely knowledgeable about the marketplace, contract documents, inspections and escrow process.

read more › If your home is your castle (as well as your largest financial investment), why would you trust such an important transaction to anyone other than the best? When it's time to sell your luxury home, you want to rest easy knowing that the right person will buy your home - at the right price and at the right time. Thomas Osterman understands the emotional component of selling a home, and he is committed to treating you and your home with the utmost respect. His goal is to maximize your return on investment while delivering a low-stress an experience at every stage of the process.

read more › When it comes to selling your home, you've probably heard that you need to "depersonalize" it so that prospective buyers can imagine themselves living there. This is one part of staging, and it's a vital component of getting your home ready for the market. In the eyes of the public, that property you have loved is now a commodity and needs to be presented in the best possible light. Staging is about preparing your home to be as visually and aesthetically pleasing as possible by removing any real or imagined obstacles buyers might have.

read more › You've heard the saying, "If you want something done right, do it yourself." Naturally, this doesn't hold true for all things. For instance, you wouldn't want to remodel your whole home if you don't even own a hammer. The same holds true for selling real estate. While it might seem to be a good idea when it comes to saving some money, are you really qualified to list your home yourself? Are you ready to take on the responsibility associated with selling a home? Are you skilled enough to properly value your home and offer it at the right price for the market?.

read more › A luxury home purchase is often the largest single transaction in one's lifetime, so having the right representation throughout the home-buying process is critical for protecting your interests and ensuring you get exactly what you want. As your buyer's agent, Thomas Osterman works diligently to help you find exactly the right luxury home that fits your needs and finances. He is your advocate, negotiating on your behalf and managing the entire home-buying process from start to finish. With his extensive knowledge of high-end real estate in Paradise Valley, North Scottsdale, Central Scottsdale, Arcadia, the Biltmore corridor, North Central Phoenix, and North Phoenix, Thomas's talents and experience are truly unmatched.

read more › Hi, I'm Realtor Thomas Osterman and I have over 3 decades of experience assisting clients purchasing and selling real estate. I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about this luxury neighborhood and I'm here to share it with you. As one of the top 50 wealthiest communities in the US, and one of only three located away from either of the coasts, homes in Paradise Valley offer an exclusive, secluded retreat for athletes, actors, and corporate executives. The real estate listings here are equally as exclusive, and brokers who work with residents of the Town of Paradise Valley must be extremely knowledgeable while maintaining the discretion of their clientele.

read more › Hi, I'm Realtor Thomas Osterman and I have over 3 decades of real estate experience. I'm most happy when I'm assisting my clients finding their forever home, putting their homes up for sale, and relocating to Arizona from another state. I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about North Scottsdale and the surrounding neighborhoods and I'm here to share it with you. North Scottsdale real estate lies north of Shea Boulevard and is all about status: European SUVs, steps from golf courses, custom mansions, sprawling horse properties, and gorgeous desert landscapes.

read more › Hi, future Arcadia resident! I'm Realtor Thomas Osterman and with my decades of experience in this area, I am confident that we can work together to find you a fabulous home in the famously coveted Arcadia neighborhood. I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about this neighborhood with rich history, unique architecture and welcoming neighbors, and I'm here to share it with you. Located near peaceful rolling mountains and the bustling Biltmore corridor, Arcadia real estate encompasses the area between 44th and 64th Streets and from Camelback Mountain to Indian School Road.

read more › Hi, I'm Realtor Thomas Osterman and I have over 3 decades of experience assisting my clients in purchasing or selling real estate. I have acquired an abundance of knowledge and information on this incredible neighborhood and would like to take this opportunity share it with you. When a neighborhood is named after a golf resort, you know there's something special there. The legendary Arizona Biltmore and the area surrounding it slightly resemble the Tower of London in that they are a classic symbol of Phoenix and what the desert has to offer.

read more › Hi, I'm Realtor Thomas Osterman I've been helping my clients buy and sell homes in the up-and-coming area of North Central Phoenix for years. I have acquired an abundance of knowledge and information on this beautiful neighborhood and would like to take this opportunity share it with you. History is alive through homes available in North Central Phoenix real estate. Rows of ash trees and the streaming Arizona canal make way for the Murphy Bridle Path, which was established when Wyatt Earp was Tombstone's sheriff.

read more › Buying and selling luxury real estate in Paradise Valley, North Scottsdale, Central Scottsdale, Arcadia, the Biltmore, North Phoenix, and North Central Phoenix is not for the faint of heart. It's a process that involves juggling several tasks at once and possessing intimate knowledge of a variety of relatively esoteric subjects. Because of this, it's critical to hire an experienced, hard-working, and competent Arizona real estate agent to advise and protect you as you navigate the world of luxury real estate.

read more › Are you looking to buy or sell luxury real estate in one of Phoenix's sought-after neighborhoods? Whether you're looking at or live in Paradise Valley, North Scottsdale, Central Scottsdale, Arcadia, the Biltmore corridor, North Central Phoenix, or North Phoenix, choices abound, and you need a partner who knows the market. You need an experienced agent that can help you find exactly what you're looking for at the price you want to pay, or a buyer who understands the value of the home you're offering.

read more › Do you know how much home you can afford? Too often, potential buyers begin their home search before establishing a budget - and that's a mistake. The best strategy is to begin with a plan before you start looking for that amazing property on which to make an offer. Talk with your lender first before you start searching for a home. We recommend Tom Miner at MidFirst Bank, (602) 920-9988. Once you've established your budget, it's time to talk to a mortgage professional. Various types of loans exist, including fixed, adjustable, and interest only, and there are many different ways to get into a loan, from a traditional upfront investment to financing the entire transaction.

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