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Real Estate Fiduciary Service Real Estate Fiduciary Services, LLC (REFS) provides independent fiduciary services, as well as strategic and operational consulting services, to institutional real estate investors and managers. As a fiduciary, REFS puts its clients' interests first, providing the information necessary to make informed decisions. Since 2005, REFS has helped clients solve a variety of real estate problems, both strategic and tactical.

We have served as an independent consultant providing an objective analysis of assets, processes and managers. We have conducted in-depth market and fee studies to help clients make informed investment decisions We have helped clients streamline operational and reporting processes to become more competitive. REFS cuts through the distractions, with insight and patience borne from decades of experience, to develop tailored client solutions.

read more › REFS assists institutional real estate investors on an independent fiduciary basis, and serves both investors and investment managers on an independent consulting basis. REFS provides clients with strategic and tactical support. Whether in a fiduciary decision-making role or a consulting capacity, REFS provides real estate expertise as an extension of the client's internal resources - and we provide these services at a fraction of the cost of developing and maintaining internal staff capabilities.

read more › Many institutional investors have limited internal resources and lack the staff to execute time-sensitive projects. REFS provides needed fiduciary and consulting resources to institutional real estate investors and managers at a fraction of the cost of developing and maintaining internal staff. REFS has the depth and breadth of industry knowledge to provide the practical, relevant real estate investment and management solutions needed across property types and at various stages of the real estate cycle.

read more › REFS offers a range of independent fiduciary and consulting services, which are tailored to each client's specific needs and objectives. REFS can support clients on a project basis, focusing on a specific short-term project, or it can serve as an adjunct to the dedicated "in-house" real estate team. REFS takes an active, hands-on role, working collaboratively with internal staff. As an independent fiduciary and partner in a client's success, all strategies are based on clearly defined, measurable goals.

read more › The investor sought to transfer a debt position on a large property portfolio to a related party. REFS was engaged to a) value a portfolio of 7 assets (17 properties, wholly owned and joint ventures), b) value the owner's position, c) review and opine on the owner's property level business plans, and d) conclude with respect to the adequacy of the loan collateral. The client sought to sell an industrial portfolio from a separate account to an open-end commingled fund, and required an independent fiduciary to manage the transaction.

read more › The fund wanted to establish "best-in-class" operational and financial reporting capability. The firm was raising $300 million of equity to form a closed-end fund to acquire approximately $800 million of property. Approximately 25% of the properties were pre-specified. REFS was engaged to provide an LP's perspective on a) the strategy and terms of the fund (including LPs' rights), b) Term Sheet and PPM, and c) property management, leasing, asset management and portfolio management policies and procedures.

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