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Equity Whether you are just starting out and need to lease a small space or you're expanding and want to buy a building, Equity's team of brokerage professionals can help your business as it grows and changes. If you are not sure what option makes the most sense at this time, our consulting team listens to your needs and helps analyze your situation. We work with you to make sure you end up with a project that is not only viable, but also profitable in the long-term.

Whether you're a budding small business in need of space for growth or you're an enterprise-level company looking to purchase a building, we can help you make sense of the process and find the solution that meets your requirements. It's what we do best - and we've been doing it for more than 30 years. Navigating the real estate industry can be quite complex, especially if you're new to it.

Equity simplifies your problems, pinpoints your major pain-points and offers strategic solutions to match your long-term growth plans. Throughout our tenure, we have overseen a great number of transactions in a variety of different industries.

read more › Equity started in Columbus, Ohio in 1987 with one office, but founder and visionary Steve Wathen viewed Equity as a national commercial real estate firm from day one. With that mindset, an entrepreneurial spirit, and an emphasis on customer service, Steve grew the company into 8 offices nationwide, and he continues to expand its footprint to this day. The firm has offices in Columbus, Cincinnati, Charleston, Dayton, Tampa, Orlando, Austin, and San Antonio. When the firm was founded, Steve offered commercial real estate services, but quickly realized his clients needed more.

read more › Whether you are just starting out and need to lease a small space or you're expanding and want to buy a building, Equity's team of brokerage professionals can help your business as it grows and changes. If you are not sure what option makes the most sense at this time, our consulting team listens to your needs and helps analyze your situation. We work with you to make sure you end up with a project that is not only viable, but also profitable in the long-term. After working for more than thirty years in the real estate industry, Equity has developed a deep and nuanced understanding of the needs and goals of buyers, sellers, property owners, and tenants.

read more › At Equity, we feel commercial real estate development should adeptly allocate capital to create value. This enterprise is a highly complex, multi-disciplinary activity that requires a well-integrated team of professionals including entitlement specialists, attorneys, construction leaders, estimators, operations experts, market researchers, design professionals, and engineers. In addition to that team, we add an experienced development executive to orchestrate and manage time-sensitive, properly sequenced activities.

read more › Because the longevity and vitality of commercial real estate investments depend on every detail, no matter how small, our team delivers on each facet with absolute integrity. Equity's comprehensive property management services protect and improve the value of your property's value by creating efficiencies, minimizing operating costs, and enhancing the tenant experience. Property management encompasses a range of services from the basics of maintenance management, to complex management planning, budgeting, and capital project execution.

read more › Equity's goal is to place your properties in the best financial position and direction possible to add the most value of our assets while still meeting your goals and objectives. Our asset management services combine real estate knowledge and leasing expertise with quality reporting, accounting, and management services. Equity's advisors provide critical guidance for each phase of the investment life cycle. And by working closely with our property management team, our advisors are able seamlessly integrate property operations, reporting, and financial analysis with hands on, tactical execution.

read more › Equity's brokerage team includes agents dedicated to providing comprehensive real estate services to retail tenants. Our approach exceeds the industry norm, providing growth strategy, multi-market roll-out, and trade area optimization. With offices throughout the U.S., our commercial real estate tenant representation specialists have numerous retail relationships. Equity's team includes former real estate directors and retail business owners who understand what drives a retailer's success and how to achieve it.

read more › In an ever-changing world and business environment, Equity provides consulting across all product types and regions. Equity understands that the key to successful consulting is to understand the decision that needs to be made and the knowledge required for you to be properly equipped to make it. So, we gather critical information, analyze tactical options, and refine an investment or operating pro forma to provide you with viable options to meet your need now and into the future. We have a multi-disciplinary team with a proven track record spanning nearly three decades.

read more › A lot goes on behind the scenes in a construction project. From drafting an initial schedule, to final building inspections, the amount of tasks that need to be completed throughout the duration of a construction project may seem overwhelming. This is where a project management team can help. As project managers, we act as an owner's representative by working with clients who need to supplement their construction team. Our strategically crafted team allows us to provide diverse knowledge in all aspects of programming, design, construction, and the start-up of a new or expanded facility.

read more › For more than thirty years, Equity has been providing clients the right services, in the right locations, with the best professionals. We are focused on your needs because we know that our drive for results turns transactions into life-long partnerships that benefit everyone. To best meet your needs, we specialize in key areas to ensure we have the depth of knowledge needed to provide the best counsel to you when you are making strategic decisions.

read more › Equity has a national footprint and national reputation in healthcare real estate development. Equity has regularly been ranked as one of Modern Healthcare Magazine's Top Twenty Developers in the U.S. This attainment has been the result of combining development with construction, brokerage services, site location, operations, and consulting services to give healthcare clients a single-source real estate solution. Equity also brings ready access to capital to make feasible, market-based projects a reality.

read more › The Equity retail real estate development team harnesses more than 30 years of industry experience and maintains numerous relationships with retailers across the nation. These ongoing relationships serve as a testament to Equity's dedication to customer satisfaction and overall competence in retail real estate. Our clients benefit from the construction, development, property management and brokerage expertise available with Equity's full-service real estate platform. With retail advisers in each Equity office, we have a national footprint that has allowed us to complete transactions in more than 40 states, making Equity one of the most comprehensive retail property service providers in the country.

read more › In recent years, home ownership rates have fallen. In this same span of time, the number of people in their mid-20s and 30s has increased. This has resulted in an increase in multi-family property demand. This growth means that many properties will see improved performance, begging the question - when is the best time to buy or sell? Equity's team of multi-family investment agents specialize in this type of investment and can assist you with large-project dispositions and acquisitions. Multi-family residential buildings vary by location and size of structure.

read more › Industrial real estate is vital to life as we know today. Industrial facilities produce, distribute, and trade goods on a national and world-wide level. Are you looking for a real estate solution for your industrial facility? At Equity, we have decades of experience serving the industry. From manufacturing plants and production centers, to distribution facilities, our team of experts are here to help. Equity is a full-service commercial real estate company that offers industrial clients a wide spectrum of services and capabilities.

read more › Going beyond our top-notch real estate services, Equity has affiliated companies focused on industries related to the real estate world. Our construction professionals provide you with predictable results throughout the construction process. We do that by taking a proactive, risk management focus on every job. That means we take the time up-front to listen to you, learn what your needs are, and plan with you. That time and attention to detail really pays off in the end. Whether a project is large or small, remote or local, simple or complex, ground up or interiors only, ECS will assure that you Experience Great Solutions.

read more › Equity Velocity Funds are private equity funds sponsored by the principals of Equity, a full-service real estate firm with a strong track record of successful development and leasing services. EVF has four, national real estate private equity funds focused on three key areas of development: healthcare, retail, & mixed-use. Since its inception, additional funds have been established. Also, project acquisition efforts continue, along with evaluation of development opportunities that meet investment criteria.

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