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Daniel became a real estate agent in Los Angeles at the young age of eighteen, over a decade ago. To some around the world, Daniel is better known as the founder of Creativum, a project with a social cause that he founded during a three-year sabbatical, in which he traveled the world alone, on a budget, with a small backpack and a camera.

As a result of his eccentric entrepreneurial accomplishments during this adventure, he has been published in newspapers across the American continent, made television appearances, been a guest speaker at several universities, and given two TEDx talks.He is currently authoring a book about his travels. Among other things, Daniel has also been an administrative, sales, and marketing consultant to small businesses.

In the end, it's the combination of his extensive entrepreneurial experience and his unique life experiences that today make him a different kind of Realtor: a true artist for the art of real estate. I am so grateful for all you have done to help me and I hope we will have a long-standing partnership in this amazing business.

read more › It's me, Daniel, writing to you-this is not some overused, prefabricated marketing template. Let's get to it. If you choose to start a relationship with me, we will work at your pace. Whether you're looking to buy tomorrow, or in a year, it will be my pleasure to speak to you, answer any questions you might have, and set up a plan for your next property purchase. In the process, you can expect a straight-up, no-gimmicks, honest service. In our relationship, my role will be not only to identify a suitable property-that's the least of it-but also to negotiate the best deal, while knowledgeably guiding you, as a Realtor (not an attorney), through the disclosure, financial, and legalese-infested pool of paperwork that accompanies a property purchase.

read more › Single Family Residences-A single family residence, owner occupied, requires a unique approach, one that says, home, casa, maison, ,. Having represented many buyers and sellers in these residential transactions, I understand that they require a specific kind of thought, care, attention, and patience. I look forward to walking next to you as you part from one home to another. HOAs-As a buyer of a condo or townhouse, you are purchasing a piece of a community, a shared development, essentially a stock in a small corporation.

read more › If what followed was the marketing plan for your property, you would be advised to run for the hills, far away from me, because I would not be qualified to sell your property. Thankfully, this is not the case. My marketing plan for your property is not a template, something passed down from corporate to equip the inexperienced. My marketing plan for your property will be tailored. As your agent, I will study your property in depth, extract the best from it, and create a custom marketing plan that showcases it in the best possible light, with the goal of bringing you the highest amount of money.

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