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407 Properties Learn about the Orlando real estate market, buying tips, and use our MLS Search Tool to search for your dream home! Learn about the marketing that we do for our listings, and read useful tips about selling your home. We prefer long term relationships with our clients, so customer service is always our first priority. Our services are provided to you for a no-haggle 3%, and we don't charge transaction fees like most brokerages.

407 Properties is a full service Orlando real estate company that also serves the surrounding Central Florida area. Thanks for visiting our site, and please take some time to look around. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me directly. I think you'll find that myself and my staff are passionate about providing excellent customer service to our clients, and that makes us a great choice to work with you on your next real estate transaction.

We hope to hear from you soon!

read more › We were founded by Broker/owner Steve Simpson to provide professional real estate services to home buyers and sellers throughout Central Florida. Having spent his first years out of college in the business world, Steve was eager to bring business-class levels of competence and proficiency he learned while working for one of Orlando's largest public accounting firms to Orlando's blossoming residential real estate market. Steve founded 407 Properties in 2015 with the explicit goal of creating the most professional real estate brokerage in town.

read more › Selling your home can require a great deal of work. In addition to the physical aspect of presenting the property - both inside and out - to potential purchasers, there are also a number of items to contend with in terms of marketing, negotiating, and paperwork. In addition, on average, most people only move about once every 7 years. That means that a lot can change in terms of contracts and other requirements from one transaction to the next - and, if anything is missing or incorrect, it could slow down the deal, or even negate it altogether.

read more › Buying a new home can sometimes present many challenges. Sure, you may know where you want to live - and you might even have an idea of what your ideal dream home will look like. But in order to get you into that home, there are typically several bridges that have to be crossed. Buying real estate can be a relatively complex transaction - even when compared to purchasing other big ticket items like a car or boat. With the average price of a home being 5 times more than that of a vehicle, you definitely want to ensure that every single angle of the transaction goes right.

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