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The Isaacs Team We share our knowledge, expertise and strategies because knowing more about DC real estate and your transaction allows you to make better decisions. We don't filter information or measure advice to serve our own interests. We tell it like it is. Our clients appreciate that. It's why they work with us every time they buy or sell, and recommend us to their friends.

And that really works out for everyone. During our 26 years in real estate, we've helped hundreds of homeowners realize their goals. We share knowledge you can use to make well-informed decisions about your real estate transaction. Off-market properties represent a large percentage of DC real estate inventory. Since you can't buy what you can't see, you're at a disadvantage without access to private exclusive, or "shadow, " listings.

Open your eyes to the possibilities! Work with The Isaacs Team and unlock a new stream of DC real estate listings that flows directly into your Inbox. In the meantime.

read more › It can be difficult to separate real estate jargon, sales speak and fact when buying a home. That's why we share everything from A to Z during your DC real estate transaction. You'll feel confident that you're making informed decisions. Buyers have depended on us for more than a decade to identify properties, navigate the purchase process and advocate for their interests. And our experience in new construction industry adds value to new home purchases. Over the years, through market ups and downs, we've honed strategies, tools and market knowledge to make your purchase process smoother and more successful.

read more › Alex Isaacs provides honest & insightful, expert representation to buyers and sellers in Washington DC. Alex is adept at helping clients of The Isaacs Team navigate all types of transactions, from starter condos to new construction and million dollar+ listings. With more than a decade of experience in new home sales and residential real estate, Alex is skilled at pairing clients' goals with market opportunities across the home type spectrum. Alex's genuine dedication to your success translates to positive outcomes.

read more › Susan Isaacs provides expert buyer and seller representation to our clients in Washington DC and Northern Virginia. After more than 20 years in the real estate and new home industry, Susan continues to expand and share her knowledge base. She is a dedicated ally for your real estate transactions. Susan's ten-year background in new construction sales and management provides helpful insight into new home and rehab purchases, and benefits sellers who want to sell their homes at optimal prices.

read more › Aziima ("Z") is the savvy Saluki who provides our clients with the canine viewpoint on DC real estate. Z is an expert on dog parks, walking and biking trails, dog-friendly restaurants, pet stores and canine meet-up groups. He isn't a real estate agent, but he hangs out with them. Z keeps his eyes and ears open and his nose to the ground. Tell him he's pretty and he'll bark up all his secrets. Attached at the other end of the leash is dog-savvy agent Alex Isaacs.

read more › Location is the most important factor in Washington DC real estate sales and purchases. Our DC Neighborhood profiles offer insights on some of the most popular neighborhoods in DC and a few you may not have heard of. Northwest DC neighborhoods are found north of the National Mall & west of North Capitol Street, in the northwest quadrant. It is the largest of the four quadrants in the District. The Northwest DC neighborhood represents a tad more than 42% of the city. Northeast DC neighborhoods are located in the Northeast Quadrant, north of East Capitol Street and east of North Capitol Street.

read more › We're agents with extensive experience in the DC development market. We represent buyers, not developers. Recent rule changes by Bright MLS and NAR prevent us from publicly displaying the detailed information we gather on new construction projects in Washington DC, but we continue to share our knowledge with clients. If you're looking for expert representation for your new home purchase, along with unfiltered commentary & well-researched information on DC developments, including planned condos, PUDs and new townhome projects, give us a call.

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