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We are one of the top flat fee, discount real estate brokers in Raleigh. With over 12 years of experience selling homes in the Triangle, we offer home sellers an alternative to traditional real estate and save them money on the sale of their homes. We do this by either listing your home for $1,000 (if you're buying another home with us) or by listing for 1% (if you aren't purchasing another home).

With either option, you save thousands without sacrificing service. Samara & Smart Choice Realty did a great job for us! We got 25 offers in three days, sold for 14% above asking price, and saved thousands on commissions! Samara and her team were wonderful to work with. They made the process easy and fast. My house sold for $50,000 over asking price.

Plus I had 16 offers in only three days. The team responses to questions I may have had were answered promptly. Plus they take less commission than any other real estate company; thus more money in your pocket. I highly recommend smart choice realty for anyone in the market to buy or sell.

read more › Smart Choice Realty was started by Samara Presley in 2008, just as the real estate market began to decline. While this was the death knell for many real estate firms, it actually was the perfect time for us - because more than ever, sellers were questioning traditional approaches, and starting to look for ways to save money. After years of practicing traditional real estate, we started questioning the traditional approach. Not surprisingly, those two things are connected. Because when we asked ourselves what we could do differently, the answer was clear: Have a less expensive business model.

read more › If you purchase another home using one of our buyer specialists (that's free representation for you), we list your current home for a $1,000 flat fee. We will visit your property to estimate the Fair Market Value by analyzing your property's condition & examining recent nearby sales. We will recommend repairs & improvements to sell your property for the highest price. We'll also connect you with professionals to help prepare your home for the market including painters, handymen & home stagers. Your home will be listed on the Triangle Multiple Listing Service so it is available for all Realtors to see.

read more › Meet with our listing specialist at your home to discuss how we work and how much your home is worth. Not ready to meet? That's ok! Schedule a time to talk to one of our buyer's specialists or listing specialists instead! In a rush? Get started online today! We can get your home listed in as little as 48 hours depending on our photographer's availability.

read more › A nonrefundable $500 payment is due at the time of listing regardless of whether you are paying $1,000 or 1%. You can pay the $500 by cash, check or ZELLE. We charge half up front because half of our work is done upfront - from taking photos and measurements to putting detailed information (and those photos) onto the MLS. If you do end up purchasing another home with us later, we will give you $1,000 buyer's rebate at closing (subject to lender approval) as a thank you for continuing to choose us.

read more › 2 We will email you the listing agreement to sign digitally plus any additional required forms depending on your responses below. Our fee is 1% if you aren't buying another home or $1,000 if you are. 4 You'll speak to our listing specialist regarding a pricing strategy and to arrange a time to come and place a lockbox on your home. Our goal is to have your home listed within the next two business days, depending on our photographer's schedule.

read more › Overpricing the home from the get-go will hurt us in the long run. Your home will spend longer on the market and thus the offers we receive will end up lower than if we price it competively from the beginning. Trust our recommendations as far as prices. We know our market and can help guide you in the right direction. During our initial consultation, our listing specialist will walk through your home and recommend any changes or improvements that need to be made prior to listing. These are important as home buying decisions are based on 3 things: Price, Condition and Location.

read more › I admit to being hesitant at first over the flat fee aspect, and when I understood how much money we stood to save I thought there was probably some catch at some point. But I was wrong - there is no catch at all and the service we received from Samara and team was incredible. Samara sat down and took time to explain the process of selling our home, helped us stage it - and because we were in a rush she had our house on the market within 48 hours of the initial meeting, and the pictures she put on the internet for our posting were phenomenal.

read more › To get our incredibly low $1,000 listing fee, you will need to work with one of our buyer's agents to purchase your next home. They can help you with new construction, investments or resales. Since buying a home is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make - in terms of both money and lifestyle, it only makes sense that you work with someone who has the local knowledge to help you find the right home, and the experience to negotiate the best deal. Our buyer's specialists have both. If you need to find a home before you sell your current home, schedule a time to discuss your home search with one of our buyer's specialists or schedule a time to look at a home.

read more › There's a lot of confusion about what exactly short sales and foreclosures are - and aren't. Here's a handy guide to the basics. Short sales are related to homes in pre-foreclosure status. This means that the owner likely owes more than the home is currently worth, and is behind on the payments. The "short" in short sale has nothing to do with the amount of time it will take to sell your home. Every lender is different, but on average these sales take 4-6 months to obtain approval and close. We've worked with several of the major lenders - Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Suntrust, Aurora - representing sellers in these transactions.

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read more › We aren't just out to change the real estate world for consumers, but we want to change the real estate game for Realtors too! We strive to create an environment of success and believe there is enough business out there for everyone. We want you to be proud of where you work and what it stands for. We don't want to simply grow our numbers. We want strategic grow with the RIGHT people who get what we're about and where we're heading. We are looking for agents who are passionate about what they do, even if it is only a part time endeavor.

read more › When you send us a referral, you'll be entered into our program automatically by us and receive an email confirmation. The more referrals you send our way, the more chances you have to win our annual prize. You'll get one entry for every referral. Click the FAQ tabs below to find out more. With a history of serving guests for over a century, The Omni Grove Park Inn welcomes you with a tradition of Southern hospitality, modern conveniences and an unmatched setting amidst the beauty of Asheville.

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