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Curry Real Estate Holdings We are excited you chose to use our website for your home search and real estate needs. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is experiencing rapid growth with a huge influx of families from all over the country every year. More and more corporate headquarters are moving here along with new businesses being established every day. Naturally with that comes a high demand for housing.

As real estate professionals, this is where we come in, handling all of the details of your sale or purchase. Please utilize our advanced Home Finder feature with easy sign up and log in. This allows you to personalize and save your searches. You can also enable new home alerts that meet your criteria. Our office is strategically located in Plano, Texas where we are at the center of it all in DFW Metroplex and Collin County.

We serve clients in more than Collin including Dallas, Denton and surrounding counties. Featured listings include hot properties, properties of the day and homes meeting designated criteria. With a myriad of details involved in buying and selling a home, you can rest assure that our time-tested experience and knowledge will be at your full service.

read more › Collin County was founded in 1846 and was named after Collin McKinney, a strong force within the Texas Revolution and one of the five drafters of the Texas Declaration of Independence. The estimated population at that time was 150 settlers. The county's fertile soil and lack of Native American resistance first attracted settlers to the area, and the majority of those settlers were farmers who produced wheat and corn. Many of the first settlers and farmers utilized the streams coming from the Trinity River for transportation of wheat, corn and other produce.

read more › Denton County was established in 1846 and named after John Denton, a pioneer and Methodist minister. Most of the area's settlers came from the upper south regions like Tennessee and Kentucky, and the county did not grow quickly until after the Civil War. By the early 1860s, the overall population of the county had increased to 5,031, and the introduction of the Texas and Pacific Railway in the late 1880s provided opportunity for more economic expansion through trade, manufacturing and agriculture.

read more › Removable panel that allows access to plumbing or electrical connections, such as below a platform tub. Ceiling made up of materials that absorb sound to reduce the transfer of noise in a building. Materials that are mixed into concrete to somehow change the nature of the mix, such as color or a curing accelerator used in cold weather. Gravel, stones, shells or other solid materials that are added to the concrete mix for strength or aesthetic purposes. Measurement of the level of contamination of air in the building due to buildup of chemicals and odors from building materials and occupants.

read more › A native Texan, Brian was born in Longview in 1976. He grew up outside of Philadelphia and was introduced to real estate at an early age. His grandparents and great-grandparents were all real estate investors, and his father owned a portion of the First Monday Trade Days in Canton. As a boy, Brian spent his summers in Texas with his father preparing the grounds for this famous landmark. His first "real" job was at age 14 working at a produce stand for a man who also happened to be a real estate investor and who, at times, would have Brian help him work on his properties.

read more › This is my second time working with Brian, this time as a seller. Not only is this a generally difficult time to sell, but my condo association made it worse by not applying for FHA/VA recertification. This closed the doors to potential buyers who needed FHA/VA backed financing. Because of this, Brian recommended that I use a stager to set my condo apart from the others in the development and in the area that were for sale. I am confident that this investment paid off. Most importantly for me, Brian was always highly accessible via email, text, and phone.

read more › 2. Understanding: Clients want to be heard, period! Your hopes, goals, dreams and desires for you and your family are treasured and respected. I want what's best for you and no one else. 3. Knowledge: I have dedicated my entire life's work to my clients and real estate. My extensive knowledge base was earned to provide the highest level of client-focused service.

read more › Whether it is a buyer's market or a seller's market, the time and effort it takes to get your home prepared to sell is always challenging. Opening your home up to have strangers peer into every corner of your home, even your closets can be hard to handle. Having them pick it apart and give not so nice feedback sometimes can be heartbreaking. Then having inspectors tear it apart even more with a full written report of how you have "failed" to keep up your home is certainly not something any home owner wants to hear.

read more › It seems everyone has leased a place at least once in their lifetime or if not this is your first time. We all know there are some negatives when it comes to leasing but it can serve a great purpose for you for a season. In most cases, your goal is home ownership. So if you are deciding between leasing or home ownership, we can do a comparison for you. However, if leasing is what you need in your life right now or you just like to lease, whatever the reason, you found the right place. We will put into action the steps necessary to get you into a lease that fits your needs.

read more › When you think of relocation, most of you will think job transfer. This corporate relocation is where a package to relocate is usually part of your benefits as an employee of that corporation. This is very common in today's ever changing & global economy. Whether it is a move to another state or maybe another country. There is also just relocating in general or non-corporate relocation. This is generally moving to or from distant cities or states, not just moving to the other side of town. This can be for any reason like retirement, moving in with family, change of scenery, or just because.

read more › At Benchmark Mortgage, our mission is to serve our clients with integrity and principle. We meet the needs and exceed the expectations of every client. We put our clients needs above our own, and EARN their business and their referrals one transaction at a time! My name is Tom Sherman and I have been in the mortgage business for 18 years. Since the beginning, I have focused on providing my clients with sound biblical principles in regards to their financial and mortgage decisions. I believe this makes a world of difference to the person looking to obtain a mortgage, and I would love to demonstrate that difference to you!

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