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TriArc is a Houston-based real estate investment company that combines the skill and experience of an institutional investor with the speed and efficiency of a startup. This unique combination of skills and ability has allowed us to consistently deliver market-leading results during both good and challenging times.

Our core focus is to acquire properties that are under-performing due to mismanagement or physical condition and improve their performance using value engineering and our talented and passionate professionals.As CEO of TriArc Real Estate Partners, the best part of Joseph Bramante's day is showing investors how to create more time to enjoy life by building passive income streams which can fund unpaid vacations and accelerate retirement.

The metric by which he measures his success is the number of people he's helped achieve early retirement. Joseph came from a family of modest means, but with academic scholarships, student loans, and income earned as a tow boat deckhand during summer and holiday breaks, he managed to put himself through college.

read more › Our values guide the way we work. Drive, growth, community, passion, and excellence empower us to constantly innovate new ways to invest in multifamily real estate. Our desire to grow is strong, but we also have the discipline and patience to wait for the "right" investment opportunities. We are a family of leaders with an innate desire for continuous improvement and greater levels of success in our roles as individuals and as a company. We are resolute in our quest and navigate with solidarity and clarity regarding the journey ahead.

read more › Income - My annual income exceeded $200,000 (or $300,000 together with a spouse) in each of the prior two years, and I reasonably expect to earn the same or greater for the current year. Net Worth ($1M - $5M) - My net worth is over $1 million, either alone or together with a spouse, excluding the value of my primary residence. Qualified Purchaser ($5M+ net worth) - I invest as a person or family business with at least $5 million in investable assets OR as an entity or investment company with $25 million in investable assets.

read more › Founded in 2013, TriArc Real Estate Partners is a full-service, vertically integrated investment management firm focused on the acquisition, management, and renovation of multifamily properties to produce strong returns while building stronger communities. The principals of TriArc have owned and/or operated more than 43,000 apartment units, totaling an estimated $1.7 billion in commercial real estate assets over an average career of 23 years. TriArc's investment strategy utilizes our inhouse capabilities to unlock value in properties that we perceive to be underperforming and undervalued.

read more › A smart investment strategy should be focused and restrained. Oftentimes, when investors cast too wide a net, they can waste precious time and funds. Along similar lines, when you commit to a particular investment, you should feel at least reasonably confident about your returns. While there's a degree of risk involved, it should never feel like you're gambling and basing your success on luck. TriArc's Investment management team assesses market conditions, identifies opportunities, and implements thoughtful strategies to realize results for our investors.

read more › Investing in a multi-family property is one of the most important decisions you can make. Our goal is to purchase not just any deal, but the right deal for us and for you. These principles drive our teams to stay focused and deliver results. Without them, we believe it's impossible to reach the level of success our organization continues to achieve. Our management philosophy guides us from the beginning of due diligence all the way through to the sale. No matter how challenging the property, we use every available tool at our disposal to leverage its strengths and overcome its shortcomings.

read more › TriArc Construction translates vision into reality, managing value-add projects from due diligence to design to construction. With more than ten years of experience in on-site property management and eight years as a multifamily vendor, we understand this fast-paced budget and occupancy driven industry. Owning many of the properties we manage gives us a holistic view that helps us deliver results to the investors and third-party owners relying on our expertise for their own portfolios. TriArc is dedicated to maximizing asset value through our best-in-class multifamily construction management services.

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